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I just got an email saying my next order will be shipped in two days. What?!

I did not sign up for this. I order a one time shipment for one month. First of which I tried to order through Walmart but they were all out so I was directed to Nutrisystem. I could not stop the order online only change it to something else or delay it.

I called the 800# and was told I could cancel but I would be charged a fee of $125. There was no manager available to speak to either.

I canceled it and am disputing it via PayPal. Tricky company.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, United States #1319219
Nutrisystem Verified Representative

Hi ,

Thank you for your review of Nutrisystem, we do appreciate everyone's feedback and are sorry to hear about this. We would be happy to look at your account .

Would you be willing to contact us at and provide us with an email address to locate your account with? We will be happy to review your account as well as the Terms and Conditions.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1319187

When you signed up for the "one month" trial you also agreed to cancel within a certain period of time or they would automatically begin sending you a monthly shipment of their "product" and automatically take the money out of(in your case)your Paypal account. You also agreed to a cancellation fee, hence the $125 charge.

This is how a company scams you---because you, and others fail to read what you are signing up for.

In your case, since you use PayPal, just take your paypal balance down to zero or a dollar and they cannot get their cancellation fee or the large amount they will take out for your next shipment. Or, just cancel out your paypal account and do what normal people do---use a credit card or send them a check upon receipt of the product.

to rollo2016 Durham, North Carolina, United States #1319819

How is anyone being scammed by not reading the fine print? If they agreed to it by not reading the entire conditions, that isn't a scam, it's the fault of the purchaser.

to Anonymous #1319910

Because they prey on people via the "fine print". They know that this is an awful service and don't care if you come back. They are just a bad company stuck in a 1980's customer service mentality where they are right, regardless of the circumstances.

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