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I bought four gift cards to NutriSystem shortly after I was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. I have to take numerous shots daily,and take two different types of insulin, which caused me to gain almost forty pounds in just over a month.

I did not loose any weight the first month, and couldn't eat most of the choices due to the high number of carbs in some of the meals. I contacted them by phone and told them what had happened and was told that I would be soon receiving another shipment. First of all, I did not know that you were automatically sigm

ned up for auto ship, and told them this. I also told them that I wanted to postpone any shipments until I went back to see my doctor a few months later. I had to speak to at least three people, the last being the councilor that you are supposed to be able to use for any assistance/questions you have,etc. I was curious about the high carbs and asked why I was told it was for type 1 as well if the carbs were so high and was informed that they went by the American Diabetic Association guidelines. This is NOT true. She proceeded to tell me that the meals were low sugar and made with items lo on the glycemic index. This part is a recommendation, BUT the ADA now, as well as all up to date physicians, tell you that you count carbs for insulin intake and if you need to lose weight they limit your carbs. Yes foods high on glycemic index are on the list but only as a recommendation that they help blood sugars not go down as quickly.I was told that I could call in and talk with one of them to cater my order to what I needed when I was ready to order again, instead of going by the computerized lists.

So, I expected nothing for the next few months as I requested. THen I got the notification that I had a shipment on its way! I called back, went through everything again... and I placed a note on the door not to accept their shipments.

Then the next month..again! I called, again... and this time, after another hour, I got of the phone with the promise that they would set up something to have the dry goods picked up, and try to make sure that I didn't have to pay for the frozen items..all of this of course after they listened to the tapes to make sure that what I was saying was true. This was said only about five or six times, after I would try and continue what I had said to the last few people, as if he was trying to intimidate me. I don't know if he thought if he told me enough I would panic and say forget it or what, because it was obvious in the way that he was addressing me, that he thought I was lying. So, two weeks go by and I have heard nothing, so this time..I wrote an email so that I would have everything in writing! I covered in much more boring detail than what I have now. What I got in response...ANOTHER SHIPMENT!!!!!!!!!

I immediately wrote another email, these are going to customer service. I was IRATE!!

I got a response this time saying this..

"sorry for your experience, but if you want the shipments stopped, you have to call us, we can not accept a written response"

So I responded essentially asking how she had managed to read that part of my email without reading the rest? How did she miss the entire email detailing all of the times that I had CALLED and asked for the shipments to be stopped. I noted that I had only requested that they be stopped through August when I went back to all of my doctors and got their advise on how to do this, but now, after being mistreated as a customer so many times and so badly, I had to ask that they be stopped entirely. I had no response from either about them saying they would make sure that the charges were taken care of.

As I've looked into the comments of other customers on sites like this, I have found that I am not alone in my mistreatment by NutriSystem. It is my conclusion that they take advantage of people. They now that most people cannot afford to pay almost six hundred dollars a month for food, especially just for themselves. These are people who are trying to do the right thing, that are most times not even clear that their purchase puts them on auto ship. I went back a few months after I complained and they had put that in a little better place to see, in a little larger letters, but it is still not easy to see, unless you are looking for it. They take advantage. They refuse to help you. The food was not anything to write home about, and nothing like the hype or photos. I have figured it out after I wrote my last email and you can buy your own food for cheaper, especially since the biggest part of the program is to buy a lot of the food that is to go with theirs. It is a ripoff and anyone thinking about doing this program, DON'T!!

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