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I purchased Nutrisystem cinnamon buns at Walmart in Hackettstown, NJ in the past week. The expiration date is May 5, 2016.

I ate one in the morning of 1/17/16 and during the day and the next morning (now) have been experiencing intermittent sharp pains in my intestines/stomach and feel somewhat nauseous. I also developed an eye infection in one yesterday requiring antibiotics.

This morning I opened a second package from the same box. From the top the cinnamon bun looked fine, but when I went to remove the drying package under it, noticed in the dim light of my kitchen what I first thought was ink all over the cardboard. I removed the package and then looked at the cake portion of the bun and noticed it was completely covered in mold.

This person wrote the review because of "moldy food" of nutrisystem cinnamon bun from Nutrisystem and attached a photo. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $30 and wants Nutrisystem to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was moldy food. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Sickstomach how many people have stomach infection wondering if this is a coincidence thanks


I opened carrot cake to see it too was moldy it came with my monthly order and it was well in date as its date is Jul 11 2018 and its only April 2018 and I've had it properly stored for a month


I have also got moldy Cinnamon Streusel Muffin , so disgusting!

to Shahrzad Hosseini #1398294

It was very upsetting when it happened to me too. I purchased mine at Walmart. The Nutrisystem rep seemed to think it might be the fault of Walmart (improper storage?), which it may have been.

Tenafly, New Jersey, United States #1215971

If that happens again, try this: instead of shoving 6 boxes of cinnamon buns in your face, go out and exercise you lazy *** instead of buying into fad diets that don't work!

to Anonymous #1398290

I purchased a box of 6 small cinnamon buns.I was eating one a day as my only breakfast food.

I am not fat or lazy. I didn't buy the diet, but liked the cinnamon buns and them as my only breakfast item with coffee (140 calories).

In Nutrisystem's defense, years ago after having a baby I lost 20 pounds easily by following their diet.

I am 5'5" tall and weigh 120 pounds.How about you troll?

to Anonymous #1398295

I am not lazy.I didn't buy the kit, I purchased the cinnamon buns that are 180 calories each.

I was eating one a day as my only breakfast because I liked them.

I am 5'5" and weigh 120 pounds.How about you troll?

to NJHills7 #1398298

*I meant 140 calories each, not 180.

Exeter, New Hampshire, United States #1204430

Don't buy anything from WALMART

to Anonymous #1398291

I do shop at Walmart regularly, but would never buy any Nutrisystem items from them again.I would buy directly from Nutrisystem in the future.

I suspect it might have had something to do with Walmart's handling of them, but will never know for certain.They were far from expired and I did become ill after eating one.

Nutrisystem Verified Representative

This issue was resolved outside of Pissed Consumer.

-The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team


This just happened to me!!!! But with the pizza said JUNE 2016, it's January! I still had plenty of food left, but my appetite is gone.

I was disappointed, but so far I've lost 7lbs (yay) but still, it's really unfortunate.


$30? You got took, they are only $5.97.

Take them back to the store.

to Anonymous #1097430

I purchased four boxes at almost $6 each, all the same lot, which totals $24 not including tax.I paid teledoc $10, and my prescription was $18.

$30 is less than I actually paid. I'm keeping the boxes in case the FDA is interested.

I haven't opened any of the other packages in the boxes.

to Anonymous #1398297

I did return them to the store, as instructed by Nutrisystem.


Ewwwwwwwwwww!!! I'd drink some watered down Bragg's vinegar asap! Ick!

Long Valley, New Jersey, United States #1096622


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