This is not about my opinion about how this diet plan is unhealthy or my food tastes.I don't care if a diet plan tastes horrible.

This is about NUTRISYSTEM'S DISHONESTY. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION. Calling and cancelling service does not work. Nutrisystem will actually tell you that it does not have records of your calls!!

I can give them a record of my calls.

I cancelled an "auto-shipment" one night, only to be told by e-mail the next day that my shipment was going out.Long story short: I called to cancel--again--but the shipment came to me anyway; charges went on my credit card, and I have been on the phone with FedEx for 30 minutes (still holding) because Nutrisystem will not take care of this mistake/lie/credit card theft.

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Thank you. Because of your "beware" complaint, I will take your advise and guard my credit card.

Glendale, California, United States #807040

I regret doing business with this company.They are very helpful and nice until they get your credit card information.

Once they get your credit card information everything changes. Their product does not work. The "food" is very unhealthy. After spending hours with a representative arguing back and forth, I was finally able to cancel my auto shipping.

Customer service is very rude and unprofessional. You can tell that they hire people with less education who can't even explain why they can't cancel my auto shipping. You would think that it is your credit card and it is your money, so you can tell them to stop charging it whenever you tell them so. But that is not the case with this company.

Once you give them your credit card info, you are going to lose alright, but instead of pounds, you are going to lose hard earned money.I would never reccomend this company to my family and friends.


Good Morning,

My name is Jean S - Supervisor Customer Service

Please contact me at 1-800-585-5483 x 5319 so I can review your account. I will need your phone number, name , address.

Best Regards


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