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We are on the Nutrisystem 28 day plan, AS ADVERTISED. As we were SUCCESSFULLY finishing our Fresh Start (1st week) week, which includes ALL necessary food for 7 days, including breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, we noticed that there are not enough food items to cover the next three weeks. The available food is only for 15 days, not 21. Looking ahead to our next order on the 28 day plan, we verified that there is only enough food for 20 days, not 28!

Calling a Nutrisystem counselor, she verified that there is, in fact, only 20 days of food on the 28 day plan. This is because Nutrisystem builds in two "flex days" each week where the customer follows Nutrisystem guidelines to provide and make their own meals and snacks. . ..

We were told that we could get a true 28 day supply of food for the plan, but that it costs more!

We were already aware that we had to provide our own vegetables, etc. on the plan, but this came as a complete surprise! NOTHING in the Nutrisystem advertising, etc. about the 28 day plan makes it possible for the consumer to anticipate this personal responsibility as it relates to the plan, especially at the price of the plan when the consumer fully expects the plan to provide 28 days of the necessary food. It would seem this is more of an issue of misleading advertising, or bait and switch, than just a creative way of involving the consumer more in the weight loss process.

Nutrisystem needs to reduce the price of their 28 day plan by 25% across the board and refund money to the innumerable customers who have been misled, or make it clear up front that the plan only provides 21 days of food for a 28 day plan. We like the plan, but are wildly disappointed at learning this about the product after we are now happy with the plan. Hopefully Nutrisystem will correct this before someone gets ticked off enough about it to pursue a class action against Nutrisystem!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nutrisystem 28 Day Diet Plan.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $187.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Nutrisystem Cons: Misleading advertising they should be ashamed.

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this is exactly what is currently happening to me!


Nutrisystem now only offers 15 days of meals with 7 shakes. !!!!!

Offering less and less. Noted at the start you received 28 days, then they devised the idea of flex meals, where you can go out to eat and spend more money, as a means of offering less for your money. Now they are down to 15 meals & 7 shakes.

The pricing is listed at $7.11/day but the total price is calculated to be $199. + 9.99 packing, that equates to $13.26 /day


They do not advertise 20 days of food, in fact the commercial leads you to believe otherwise


I agree 100%! And I hope someone DOES start a lawsuit...I'm def. gonna be in line for a partial refund!


Again, we understand all of this now. We did not understand it at the outset. It may be clear to others at the outset, but it wasn't clear to us.


Hello Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We would be more than happy to address your concerns.

We are very sorry for any confusion with regards to the configuration of our program. Our four week programs are now configured to include two Flex Meals each week for every meal category. After your first week, you will make 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners, and 2 Snacks per week in place of the Nutrisystem meals. If you are having a Flex Meal, you will not have a Nutrisystem entree.

You are essentially creating a meal or snack that is equivalent to the Nutrisystem entrée, and will follow the guidelines in your Daily Tracker for each meal category. You can select which days you would like to have your Flex Meals, and they don't have to be all on the same day. Our previous configuration did include more Nutrisystem meals, but we found that our members wanted more flexibility on their own each week due to busy schedules and commitments. Nutrisystem’s goal is to educate our members on how to make good choices when eating their own food, not merely provide meals.

We want to teach our members how to not only attain your healthy weight, but to maintain it when eating their own foods. We sincerely apologize again if this information was missed when you signed up online.

Here are the link to that information for your records: https://www.nutrisystem.com/jsps_hmr/how_it_works/index.jsp https://leaf.nutrisystem.com/faqs/starting-your-weight-loss-program/what-are-flex-meals/ Hope you have a great day! The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team


Again, we understand all of this now. We did not understand it at the outset. It may be clear to others at the outset, but it wasn't clear to us.


Now it's down to 15 meals. Even with 2 flex meals for each meal per week that's still a week of no food


I literally just went on Nutri System's website and it's clear as day that it's 20 days of food. I've also ordered from them and again, clear as day. I wasn't impressed with the quality so am no longer a customer but you were obviously not reading the fine (or not so fine) print here.


NOT at all obvious as I too fell victim. This is nothing short of a scam!

How many months contain only 20 days?? NONE!

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