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Today I called to cancel my auto delivery and the counselor told me My credit card would be charged a $125.00 cancellation fee. I was cancelling because I don't have the $300.00 to pay for the next shipment.

I said OK, but I won't ever be back. She said "let me see what I can do". She left the phone and said If I would place an "Ala Carte order" she would cancel my auto delivery plan without a cancellation fee.

I asked her how much did I need to spend to do that and she said " $299.00, the same amount as your auto delivery shipment". I said that is ridiculous and she said it is stated two times in the sign up process......NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHASE NUTRISYSTEM!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Diet Plan.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Unbelievably absurd business practices even BEFORE social media existed. Fortunately my credit card had just enough on it to pay for one round and my credit sucks anyway.

FU Nutrisystems!

What a *** plan, the food is absolute garbage, it's the Amway of nutrition. BEWARE!


I can't stand NutriSystem and quit after just one month but the cancellation fee is CLEARLY spelled out when you set up your order, as is the auto feature. It may be an insane fee, but it's not fraud...it's clearly told at the beginning.


Terrible policy, its entrapment and should sued for. Misleading sales techniques, DO NOT purchase from this company.

DO Not Give them access to your account. Horrible service


I went though the same thing!I wanted to have just ONE month so I could drop a few pounds and never did I see that it was be on auto delivery from that point on. I recently lost my job so I can’t afford another month of this.

So when I called to cancel she said I’d have to pay $125 to cancel and not receive and items or order $200 worth of al la carte foods and she could wave the fee.... total bullshit.


Actually, the a la carte lunch and snacks is $200. I did it because it is in the contract that one will have to pay the cancellation fee if you do it only for one month because they give you a big discount when first ordering.


I had the same experience in regard to the cancellation fee. I don't think that I was informed of it.

I will not consider Nutrisystem again. I will probably go to WW.


Nutri System works...but once your on it you've made a deal with the devil. Everything is autoship, so if your not on top of your menu and plan continually, you will find yourself with a freezer full of frozen food, a cupboard full of soups, pastas and snacks and another shipment waiting at your door.

It's true you can "delay" an order for up to 13 weeks, but don't ever loose track of those weeks or another shipment will be showing up when you least expect it.

And this will put an unexpected drain on your credit card or bank account. Good luck.


Totally agree with all the negative comments regarding cancellation fee. It's ridiculous and a total rip off.

I have left other weight loss systems before and gone back. That will never happen with Nutrisystem and I definitely will not refer friends to the system.


Same thing happened to me and I was NEVER told either. This is a class action lawsuit in the making, totally deceptive and a horrible way to do business.

Do they think the customers screwed over will ever comeback now OR EVER say anything positive about the business. Should have known it was a scam and just kept buying at Walmart.

Bradenton, Florida, United States #1331350

Yes I wanted to try the nutra system for a month to drop these extra pounds and no time did they tell me there was a 125.00 cancellation fee or could they tell me the reason for this, I learned of this after I noticed my bank statement had a 416.00 dollar charg I called to ask why they put me on auto ship, they said they automatically do that, this is the kind of *** that people go into these offices and change lives not very smart, karma will find its way to take care of this

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1331122

NutriSystem is a very expensive and mostly inedible way to lose weight. You will do better by buying frozen meals like Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, etal when on sale for less than two dollars apiece and walking a mile or so a day.

They do tell you, somewhere when you sign up, about the cancellation fee but many people do not see it. Any company that locks you into an "automatic" anything is scamming you.

Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, United States #1331063
Nutrisystem Verified Representative


Thank you for sharing your feedback today regarding your experience. We are very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction.

We do have a standard fee for discontinuing your auto-delivery plan prior to accepting the second shipment as per our Terms and Conditions. We would be happy to review your concern in more detail.

Please write us at consumerexperience@nutrisystem.com referencing your review, and please also include your email address or telephone number associated with your account and we will be in contact. We hope that you have a great rest of your weekend and thank you again for leaving your review.

The Nutrisystem Consumer Experience Team

to Nutrisystem1 #1487884

Your "terms and conditions" are a mile long when you apply online. So it is no surprise that I and countless others missed the part about the $125 cancellation fee when we signed up.And in addition to this predatory practice of yours, when I called in to cancel the man I spoke to on the phone was very condescending.

He tried to remind me of the "amazing" 40% deal that I was given when I signed up. Which is another predatory practice of marking up your price so that you can advertise that you are offering it for sale. $300+ for one month of food is a heck of a lot. To imply that it is really worth well over $500 is ridiculous.I wanted to cancel, not be upsold.

I had no idea when I signed up it was going to be like dealing with a time share company who was constantly trying to sell sell sell.

Your rep and I eventually got into a bit of a shouting match until I demanded that he just cancel and charge me the frickin fee and be done with it already because I did not want to continue the conversation any further.The practices of your company show that you care only about making money and nothing for retaining customers. You can be sure that I will never be a returning customer and I will spread the word of my experience.

to Susan Ramirez #1560652

I also ended up with a customer service rep who told me if when I tried to cancel. I asked for his manager and it got worse so I hung up.

He actually called me back to continue to harass me because I wanted to cancellation. Nutrisystem is possibly the worst company I have ever done business with.

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