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My wife an i both signed up, we thought we would give it a try. We paid for the first months food for us both over 700.00. We decided it wasn t for us so we called to cancel. Upon hearing that we wanted to cancel we were then told we were under a renewal contract an we couldnt cancel. When we insisted we were told we were given discounts an we had to pay the discounts back if we. Wanted to cancel. Now they are saying we owe well over a 100.00 an... Read more

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When I began the journey to use their products, I received warm welcome, kindness and support. Unfortunately, I had an unknown reaction to their food products. I called and asked for a refund. From the moment I called to setup the refund--all the warmth and kindness turned into bitterness. Their was no contrite for my situation. I loved all the packaged meals and the simplicity. I did not like how I wasn't asked about feedback about genera... Read more

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I ordered Nutrisystem and tried it for almost 2 weeks. I could not stomach the food, it literally made me sick. Too much fiber added to everything making me very bloated. So I tried to cancel...not easy. They have a very shady website that forces you to order your food so that it is automatically sent every month. I had no idea this was the case. When I called to cancel....and they don't make it straightforward, I was informed I would have to... Read more

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I am very disappointed with your product, your customer service and the way I was treated. In addition I incurred a $99 early cancellation fee? Your customer service representative today was argumentative and I had to hang up on him because was irritating me so bad that It compelled me to write this letter and take to blogging. Do I have time for this? NO, am I making time because I don't want anyone else to suffer? YES... My boyfriend and I... Read more

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BEWARE! Paid for first ancelllshipment. Just wasn't for me...small portions, food tasted like cheap microwaveable food. Tried to cancel...they tried to auto deduct the next month. Now daily auto calls...they,are rude on the supervisor available. Calling BBB and authorities for advice.

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I wanted to try the program just for one month and bought the basic package for myself and my wife. A purchase of 277.74 per package. After discovering that it gave little results in two weeks with disgusting food (the ham and beans tasted like processed dog excrement and I had better food in MREs when I was in the military) I called in to cancel my order. I talked to one of their customer service representatives in order to cancel and I was... Read more

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I ordered two months of this system. Some of the food was moldy, and when I called to complain, the rep said that they could send us replacements. It's a month later, and they've sent nothing. When I called to cancel my subscription, the rep, trying to keep me from cancelling, asked me if I'd lost any weight. I said, yes, a couple of pounds, but that was because I was left with nothing to eat at work for several meals because of moldy food. The... Read more

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Food was extremely substandard, Customer service lied to me when called to complain and return food, CS said if not lose 10 lbs and 5 inches in 30 days, I'd get my money back. Lost 8 lbs but kept intake to 1200 calories a day, walked 3 miles a day, and needed to lose 40 lbs. Just lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks on the old Stilman diet at fourth the price. They did not make clear I had to re-order; but, cancelled my credit card and stopped it after... Read more

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Very expensive and hard to cancel.Charged me $99.00 to cancel. The worst customer service only matched by disgusting tasting food. It is all processed food. Some of which has a horrible plastic taste. I couldn't give this *** away. The meat loaf might be the worst thing I ever ate. You will lose weight on this program because the meals are the size of a nickel. The pictures they show are completely fake. Save your money and work on portion... Read more

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I tried to call and cancel nutrisystem because I noticed that I will be charged another month for the product. The food was disgusting and made me sick. When I tried calling they told me there is nothing that they can do but offer me for food for the price that they will charge me to cancel. This company is a ripe off. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or the main person in charge I was told that there is no one there I can talk to. I... Read more

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