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On a daily basis, I received advertising email from Nutrisystem. Initially I selected and checked the "unsubscribe", that didn't work. Tried numerous times (30 plus), still didn't work. Then I tried the marathon telephone calls. Spoke to individuals who supplied fixes (failed to correct). Another call, was provided with the following: "You're not in our system, the mail must be from a third party." Advised that the sending address was from Nutrisystem. Another call, was advised (by supervisor), "We had a glitch in the system. it's... Read more

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While Marie Osmond is really hot, I am sick of her commercials. Enough already, or change it, or do something different. Put her in a bikini, that'll work. Add comment

Nutrisystem makes it quite convenient to sign up online. There is no way to cancel the auto ship conveniently online. To add insult to injury, they charge $99 to stop the shipment and you have to call customer service. The rep makes it seem like they are doing you a favor by letting you know about this fee and you would be much better off just accepting the next auto ship. I went from a happy customer to a pissed off customer. It is now my mission to spread the word not to use Nutrisytem and especially not to sign up for their auto ship. TC Read more

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I was required to pay for my food all at once, but I did not read the "Fine Print". Apparently, Nutrisystem thinks that a week between receiving the entire food order is hunky-dory. I can understand a 1-2 day delay, but 10 days is okay? I was offered a $30.00 credit to my account, but that doesn't guarantee it won't happen every time, and now I have to buy extra food from the grocery store to cover the time I'm waiting for the food I paid for to arrive. I was a return customer. I will never go back and I will never recommend them to anyone.... Read more

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I am so angry about this. I think that the whole thing is a scam. The food was terrible and I still have about $99 worth of food I am going to have to throw out. I could not afford to spend $297 on food I do not like. Now I am paying $99 to them which I cannot afford for nothing! The worst part is they pick it for you. How do they know what I like? There were maybe 4 items I did like the rest tasted horrible. I guess I need to read the fine print because I thought as long as I cancelled 48 hours before the auto delivery I would not get... Read more

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2016 Apr15 DO NOT BUY FROM NUTRISYSTEM. Any program that has a "auto-fill" program is designed to make it difficult to cancel. I received my "food". some tasteless burrito's "wraps" that you can get in a gas station for a $1. Try to find the spot on the web-site to cancel. It's a puzzle. When you do try to cancel, there is a $99 cancelation fee. It is OVER-PRICED, LOW QUALITY. The "counselor" on the phone tried multiple times to keep me from canceling... she was very annoying. She wouldn't listen.. just kep talking over me. NEVER AGAIN. ... Read more

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I think the Auto-Ship policy is intentional deceptive. I have used the product before and got tricked by their policy and disputed the charge which was removed. Now,about 18 months later I again ordered the product from the website being careful not check anything that mentioned Auto-Ship. It must be hidden because I looked for it. Yesterday I got the email that my next order was about to ship. I called immediately and canceled the order. I also refused to pay the $99 hidden cancelation fee and got yelled at by their rep, Latifa (sp). I... Read more

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I called to cancel before they shipped the second month's batch. It was either fork out $99 to cancel or pay another $350+ for another month's shipment and no fee to cancel after that. I don't recall coming across this in the terms but if seemed to be the only way to save at least $250. The dinners were ok. Some tasted quite good, in fact. But the snacks were *** that tasted like the same and with too much salt. I think if you go out and buy for yourself what they ship, it would cost you less and you'd probably get more. Read more

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Food was so bad I could not eat it! Was told I would get a full refund, but once I returned the food I did not even get enough money back to cover the cost of the box and tape used for return. I returned the food 2 days after receiving the frozen food but they claimed it wasn't soon enough which is the reason I could not get the refund promised. My advice is to go to Weight Watchers. If you don't like to cook, buy Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines. In my opinion, they taste 1000 times better and are CHEAPER also. Read more

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I ordered a custom order with frozen food. spoke with the agents 4 times to make sure I had a low sodium and No meat. first package ai receive is chili, popcorn, pretzels.... call nutrisystem and they tell me it is part of the package. no one told me that i would receive chili, popcorn, and pretzels... then they want to charge me to ship the product back. I immediately canceled. i travel too much to deal with this. they need to educate the reps to explain what you are going to get. or, maybe they don't want to? PLEASE make sure you... Read more

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